Silence the Thought Tornado: 5 Ways to Improve Your Flow State

Feeling overwhelmed by racing thoughts and anxiety? This blog is an introduction guide to conquering the mental chaos and unlocking your inner flow state. Learn how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind, harness the strength of positive affirmations, and navigate the waves of your emotions with mindfulness and practical tools. We'll also explore the importance of quality sleep and physical activity in boosting your mental performance. Dive in, conquer your Mount Flow, and embrace the journey to well-being!

Radim May

1/5/20243 min read

Silence the Thought Tornado: 5 Ways to Improve Your Flow State

Life sometimes feels like a chaotic whirlwind, with our thoughts whipping around like leaves in a storm. But amidst this mental maelstrom lies a hidden paradise: the flow state, where focus intensifies, anxieties melt away, and creativity blossoms. In this blog, we'll explore practical steps to unlock this inner sanctuary, taking control of your mind and tapping into the transformative power of flow.

Our brains are marvels of processing power, juggling a staggering amount of information every second. While our conscious mind churns through a mere 40 pieces of information, our subconscious mind operates at a lightning-fast pace, crunching through a mind-boggling 11 million bits per second! This vast difference highlights the importance of tapping into this hidden reservoir of power to achieve incredible feats of thought and performance.

The key to conquering the mental chaos lies in vigilance: actively observing your thoughts without judgment. Imagine standing atop a mountain, witnessing the ebb and flow of your mental landscape. This practice allows you to identify negative patterns and triggers that disrupt your equilibrium.

Next, harness the power of metacognition: your inner strategist, analysing your mental terrain and suggesting adjustments. When anxiety throws a curveball, metacognition prompts you to ask, "What specific action will help me regain control? Do I need to break down the task, take a break, or seek external support?" This empowered response allows you to shift your perspective and take proactive steps towards flow. Remember, reaching out for support, whether from a friend, mental health therapist, or online resources like this one, is not a sign of weakness but a smart strategy for regaining mental balance.

Now, let's equip ourselves with some mental tools to conquer those internal mountains:

Mindfulness: Like etching mindful tracks through the wilderness, this practice anchors your attention to the present moment. Focus on your breath, the feel of your feet on the ground, or the rhythmic tap of your fingers – anything that grounds you in the "now" and silences the mental chatter.

Deep breathing: When anxiety strikes, take deep, controlled breaths to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and promote relaxation. Inhale slowly for a count of four, hold for four, and exhale for eight. Repeat for a few minutes until you feel calmer and more focused.

Positive affirmations: When we talk about conquering negativity, it's crucial to remember that our subconscious mind doesn't process negations well. "Don't" becomes "do," turning "I don't want to drink alcohol" into "drink alcohol." Instead, let's reframe! Choose empowerment: "Today I am choosing abstinence." This positive declaration aligns with your conscious and subconscious desires, paving the path for success.

The same principle applies to inner dialogue. Ditch the "I can'ts" and replace them with "I am capable" or "I can handle this challenge." These empowering phrases reframe your narrative, building confidence and paving the path to flow. Remember, your inner voice is a powerful tool – use it wisely!

Instead of battling stressful thoughts, try a gentler approach: substitution. Swap negativity with powerful affirmations like Emile Coué's "Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better." Repeating this positive mantra bypasses negations and directly programs your subconscious mind for progress. Remember, changing your words changes your world. Embrace positive affirmations, empower your inner voice, and watch your flow state blossom!

Physical activity: Exercise is a powerful way to reduce stress and boost mental clarity. Go for a run, take an exercise class, or simply dance to your favourite music – engage your body to improve your mind's performance.

Prioritize sleep: A regular sleep schedule syncs your internal clock, fuelled by the darkness-released hormone melatonin. While the golden number of 7-8 hours doesn't apply to everyone, every brain needs quality sleep rich in those vital REM cycles. As you drift off, your brain embarks on a vital cleanup, flushing away toxins and sharpening your mind for the day ahead. So, embrace the darkness, set your bedtime routine, and remember: sleep repairs yesterday's wear and tear. While catching up on missed rest occasionally is possible, chronic sleep deprivation can take a significant toll on your mental performance. Hypnotherapy may greatly aid in falling asleep and sleep quality in general.

Remember, mastering your mind is a journey, not a destination. There will be moments of frustration and setbacks. Setbacks are inevitable, but each conscious choice strengthens your mental muscles. Cultivate self-compassion, celebrate small wins, and learn from your experiences.

Ready to ride the waves of your mind and conquer your personal Mount Flow? Let's embark on this adventure together!

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Remember, you are not alone. Support is available to you on your journey to mental well-being and beyond. Reach out, ask, and you shall be answered.

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woman wearing red knit top